Sunday, October 26, 2008

Company Information

Higher Ground Dance
Higher Ground Company 2011-2012
Company Dancers have the opportunity to perform throughout the year at many different venues, including at least one dance competition. Depending on the age, Company dancers are required to come to 3-4 classes per week, but our schedule is set up so that the girls can attend more technique classes if they so choose. Some Saturday rehearsals are required. We have a fun, family-friendly atmosphere that your dancer will LOVE!
* We are also excited to announce that we have started a new Company for our younger dancers! 'Lil Angels Company, for ages 3-4 yrs. These 'lil dancers will take one choreography class and one technique/ballet class, and perform at half of the performances the Higher Ground Company Dancers perform for.
For more information on Company Auditions, please contact
Jheri Glover 480-326-4398 OR